Patio Shades

7 Stylish Window Treatments Options for your Sliding Glass & Patio Door

When choosing to place window treatments over your sliding glass or patio doors you are dressing up one of the largest spaces on your wall. However, choosing a covering has never been easier than by taking a quick look with us at our 7 top choices for stylish window treatments.

1. Natural / Woven Shades

Our clients fall in love with this product as an option for its natural, earthy feel. Natural and woven shades have rapidly gained popularity because they are so versatile when decorating. This shade is available as a horizontal shade for your windows, but turned vertically transforms into a beautiful natural drapery for your sliding door. There are endless colors and materials available as well as liner options which allow you to have a blackout or light-filtering shade which give the added benefit of energy efficiency and privacy. These are easily moved left to right, right to left, you can split draw them and all with the ease of using your fingertips. We can also order a panel to stop at the top of your doggy door to allow for the dog to pass through without having to leave your shade open while still ordering additional panels the length of door for full coverage.

Wooven Shades

2. Sliding Panels

If contemporary is your style then Sliding panels are an excellent option. Sliding panels are just that, panels that slide on a track along the top of your sliding or patio door. Sliding panels have multiple panel widths and plenty of fabrics and colors to choose from including blackout and light-filtering. You can add a touch of style when choosing a fabric option that has a print or pattern. Clients love paring sliding panels with roller, solar, or natural shades on other windows in their home as they are able to coordinate fabrics. This option is a win for those love clean lines, and simplistic options for their décor.

3. Shutters

Here in California shutters are amongst the most popular window treatment. They provide clean lines, easy maintenance AND the increase the resale value of your home. Sliding Glass and Patio doors have two options when choosing a shutter.


4. Vertical Sheers

If you are wanting an elegant, classic look, vertical sheers are a beautiful choice. The shades are a combination of vertical blinds and sheer draperies. They allow for complete privacy when the vanes are tilted closed, and a beautiful, light-filtering view to the outside when the vanes are tilted open. The sheers can also traverse left or right to stack side-by-side, allowing for complete view-through.

5. Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb or cellular shades are an excellent option for covering patio or sliding glass doors. They provide added insulation for energy efficiency, as well as the ability to choose multiple fabrics (i.e. Room-Darkening AND Light-Filtering). What we find sets this option above other is that they are completely cordless! No more wands, chains, no cords! To open or close the shades, you simply pull the operating tab to the left or right. Regardless of the size, this product will stack to 7”, which makes it a very sleek option and preserves view through. It’s no wonder customers love this option!

6. SmartDrapes

When you love the look of soft lines like drapes, sheers and want them in a vertical free flowing fabric form this is your dream come true. With the look of drapery with superior versatility and control. These are constructed from a series of individual vanes that allow you to transition from sheer drape to solid with a twist of the wand, and can fit up to 245” patio doors and windows. Many patterns and options of both sheer and solid fabric. Just like drapes or woven shades you can stack these left, right or split side by side. The stack is minimal and can leave you with a clear view. Easy maintenance with removable vanes that are machine washable makes this option a good fit for any home.

SmartDrape™ from Norman® from Norman USA on Vimeo.

7. Roller shades

Using roller shades gives a whole new look to your sliding or patio doors. You can mount one long roller shade or two or more under the same headrail. Using the option of two roller shades on one headrail allows you to have complete clearance of one door or both when needed. This option adds to that contemporary feel when paired with other roller shades in the home. There are so many design options to choose from to customize your look.

As you can see from all the beautiful pictures, there really are MANY options available for covering your patio or sliding glass doors. I know it can all be overwhelming to make a selection such as this, but we are here to help! Contact us today for a FREE in-home design consultation!